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  1. get your beta key for free guys
    thumbs up if it worked for you

  2. im so happy live in sweden and there are a internet-cafe that makes
    giveaways and i got 4 key cus my friend works there and now can all my
    friends play its super fun. but i dont understand blizzard they sould make
    it open beta now. in my opinion its done its perfect. i feel so bad for u
    guy i wish i was able to give u all keys 🙁

  3. dosent matter if the game will be free or not. If you never will be able to
    play it bacause they dont give away any keys. do not worry. you will never
    be able to play it.

  4. It’s true. Depending on your proffesion (or lack of one). IT-Support have a
    minimum wage of about 30.5 USD per hour.

  5. Not really how can someone who plays betas has a job lmfao. Gotta love the
    upvotes on your utterly pathetic comment.

  6. If you really want to play the game and like REALLY HAVE THE MONEY everyone
    here would do it i guess.. because why the fuck not?

  7. I see, but it’s just a beta, and everything will be viped anyways, and the
    ppl buying these not even helping Blizzard with this. So if you think about
    what you buying, and not how much you pay for it, it’s just retarded.

  8. Minimum wage in Norway is 31.2$ if you have no experience of any kind. I
    work in a hardware store and I earn 40$ an hour. Maybe some of them are
    from a country with high PPP (Purchasing power parity, wiki it and you can
    see the countries who has very high)

  9. “For ufaglærte uten bransjeerfaring: 156,60 kroner(NOK)” I divided it on 5,
    which is 31.2$, but it seems the ratio is 5.9 now. The dollar is more worth
    now then at the start of the year. So you are right, it is wrong. It is
    26.5$. My source: arbeidstilsynet (dot) no I just picked the construction
    industry, as the minimum is different depending on where you work. People
    who pick berries and vegetables get less then construction, but people who
    clean get more again. So it was kinda inbetween.

  10. dude… no fucking way, kripp is the most hardcore motherfucking gamer and
    streamer there is. Moldran doesnt even come close. No offense moldran 😀

  11. Alright, better streamer is fine. That´s part of your opinion and all that.
    But i must refute the better gamer notion as its more fact based. I have
    not idea how to measure it, but going on accomplishments on stream alone
    i´d say Kripparian would be in a pretty good lead. Just my humble concision
    based on facts.

  12. There’ve been some people who’ve gotten a key by giveaways and then later
    on got another key sent from blizzard, which didn’t even check that the
    account was already activated

  13. so botters wouldn’t be interested and the chance of getting a key from a
    fan site would increase very much. The probleme are the stupid rich kids
    who dont care how much they pay for something because they probably never
    earned money there self and spend there parents money instead.

  14. so signing up for closed beta on battle.net doesnt work or what? havent
    gotten into one single beta ever, what is this????

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