1. The Giveaway is over! There will be no more entries! The winner will be
    announced, and will have the betakey sent to them shortly. We’ve also been
    recording the whole thing, so expect a video with the raffle and the
    comment of the winner!

  2. I am really looking forward to the whole game, i have played pokemon card
    game for over 3 years and would love to play a new card game!

  3. Wouldn’t mind getting once of these keys. I’m looking forward to the
    playstyle the most. It’s different to a lot of other games out there at the
    moment. I’ve played WoW and SC myself, but they look like a lot of other
    games on the market atm, where as HS is newer. (I know there’s game that
    has the same playstyle, but none actually spoke to me, or woke my interest
    like HS has)

  4. Hi! 😀 I’ll tell you the reason because I want thiis beta key 🙂 The reason
    is that i love cards game, like magic the gathering, a game that I played
    for 2 years and also with a physical collection to play with friends. And
    now Blizzard released this game, before the release I played World of
    Warcraft since 2008, and now I want to play this game, cuz im sure I’ll
    love it 😀 I also have some Hearthstone cards that I bought in a BlizzCon
    🙂 Thanks for sharing the key!

  5. Hello Guys, ill tell a funny History and why i need this key. Well i’m
    waiting for a beta key for long 3 mounths. My brother just signed for a
    beta key and he got it in like 1 day !!! Now he can play and me just watch
    ! That is Killing me from inside ! Please guys i realy need this ! Cya ! 😀

  6. so it’s not a waste of a key, anyway if you can see i am esxited, becouse i
    had to use 2 comments 😛 thx for the opportunity to actually get a key. and
    i see forward to tommorow

  7. hello guys, why do i want this beta key? well that’s very simple, i want to
    try and beat you guys in this game 😀 no let;s be serieus, that’s not going
    to happen ;P well the reason is short and simple, i am interested in card
    games like this. it looks like a awesome game, and i have watched a lot of
    video’s of this game. why give the key to me and not someone else? a lot of
    people just cry and scream for a key, ut then just play 1 or 2 games and
    delete the game, i am planning on playing it a lot

  8. 3 of my friends have this already and I really want to play against them.
    I’ve spend many days at their computer already. I’d like to just play
    online against them 🙂

  9. I want this key so bad, all i do is watch twitch streams and youtube on
    hearthstone. i want this key so bad ive seen almost all decks possible and
    all the “classes”. i also wanna try to give back with my key giving insight
    to others on the game and also i wanna hope be very good at the game. and
    hopefully you see how serious am about this and will give me this key,
    thank you. i hope the winner enjoys it as much as i will.

  10. The winner will be announced in our video monday the 4th of november! like
    our facebook and follow us on twitter, for future giveaways!

  11. I’m looking forward to being able to make videos about Hearthstone and post
    them on my channel to give others the oppertunity to have the joy of
    watching them and maybe learning from them.

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