Hearthstone: Bots Are Back!

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  1. I'm going to be honest. Bots don't ruin the game experience for anybody. The only reason to ban bots is because people are using them to farm rank, without having any strategy involved. If you are a good player, playing against a bot should be much easier than playing against a bot user. This isn't a first person shooter.

  2. See, where most pirate warrior players would concede after a board clear followed by Reno, bots would power through.

  3. This is obviously someone whos trolling EpicTroll. I just talked to him, and if you look close on the letters you'll see that theres not a doubble L on the end.

    Still, that doesn't change the fact that I hope Blizzard readress this issue.

  4. as a bot user/coder (not for hearthstone) i can tell that you don't know what you're talking about at 6:05 . its easily possible to make a bot that have RNG timers in them for exemple in AHK theres 'sleep' timers that u can adjust to random values (for exemple sleep for a random value of 500 to 8000MS) or whatever the fuck you want it to be

  5. I've always played wild, but on the last month, it's only pirate warrior and egg druid on ranked. That sucks.

  6. this "epictroll" faggot is a disgrace to this game. not only does he play the shittiest hearthstone deck, he also has a machine do it for him cause he's such a huge lazy ass to play it himself. gtfo of hearthstone you rotten waste of flesh!

  7. Dane is the most creative hs streamer i have ever watched, and i like his reactions also. He is so relaxed 🙂 <3

  8. Last season i played again this bot on the wild ladder too! He has been around for at least 3 months

  9. This guy is no bot. Why would a bot hoover over thalnos when it spawns from shredder? If that doesnt convince you then look at him doing his mulligan.

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