[Hearthstone] Bots Will Always Exist

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  1. it is tempting as some one who does not have the money to buy the cards and when it takes 45 games some times

  2. It's just like cheaters in other games. I't a problem of people who want to win at any cost and by all means.

  3. Hey man, I like your videos. If I may offer some constructive criticism, check the pronunciation of prevalent. Also, you said irregardless. -_-

  4. God damn it and here i was tying my shoes getting ready to get deep into hearthstone as i have left it a while back. I knew bots existed but if i wanted to play against bots i'd play a single player game. Why isnt blizzard doing anything about this? install spyware on users machines to detect the bots. there is no other way.

  5. I think that create a bot must be cool and stuff, but I just dont see where is the fun in using a bot to play for you.

  6. This is why blizzard can't get rid of people botting. Pussy ass measures like "you're suspended" or "you're gold and portraits are taken away". Fucking ban hammer. Perma ban, right away.

  7. great analysis. I couldn't agree more. PS I play sea giant totem shaman on Ladder and think back to the days of bots bloodlusting people with that sea giant shaman deck, it is a viable deck strategy once again in TGT with totem golem and tuskar totemic. I think about any one with even limited botting knowledge if they wanted to could write a program to win at 55% winrate from 20-5 and above 50% 5-L

  8. I don't see how playing a bot to get the 100 daily gold available is unfair, but paying lots off real money for a bunch of card packs isn't, at least for other players. Fuck pay2win, and embrace bot2win.

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