[Hearthstone] Cheating In Online Tournaments

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Hearthstone | A recap of recent events at the Pinnacle HS tournament
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  1. This video doesn't show you how to complete what you need correctly.If you want a real hack for this game simply search " rivaloguides " on google.

  2. this is stupid. you can't do shit with a 10 minute delay. this might prove that he snipes other people when playing against them, but he couldn't have cheated during the tourney.

  3. Guys i'm pretty sure that my theory is true: League Of Legends is holding kripp hostage! At the start he says "lols" referring to their game. Then he refers to miss fortune, character from lol. All and all he seems pretty pressured, just wait when he starts making only forced LOL content, then you can all hail me as a great prophet.

  4. God I'm so sick of this fucking pussy crybaby attitude in online gaming. Fuck you all. Seriously. I have never fucking played in a Magic the Gathering tournament when you were not allowed to watch your opponents play their decks in real time, and kids are crying over a 10 minute delay and a few fucking cards? Jesus Christ. Guess the hearthstone community is more vagina than I thought. Quote Arnold Schwarzenegger "STOP WHINING! You kids are soft. You lack discipline!"

  5. Hmmm, i know how to say hearthstone and krip doesnt yet krip is the pro player and i am no where close, sadlife. (Unless its his accent or if he has a speech thing)

  6. Wait so live events are more important than what. Non live events. I don't think Kripp knows this game very well

  7. feel like hosty's doing that intentionally though, why would he put a mirror right at that and lean to the side so everyone can see whatever's in the reflection? I'm just saying, if someone were to cheat, they would be extra careful for what and how they're doing it.

    OR he's just dumb asf x)

  8. Esta versão é tão ultrapassada. Versão mais recente do hack está aqui apenas procurar "maxiesguides" no Google.

  9. Come on, this vid is loaded with bullshits. If you need a working version of this hack tool only make a search " maxiesguides " in google.

  10. This version of the software is not working anymore. If you need a working version of this hack tool only make a search " maxiesguides " in google.

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