1. What a like, Is that there are a lot stuff to do and its just freakin’
    AWESOME, i cant say what my fav. thing is, couse i never played this.
    wharup, Whisp OP

  2. Hearthstone is awesome because its a cool and unique idea to make a MTG
    style game mixed with the iconic warcraft characters. Its awesome to play
    with friends and simple for new players.

  3. like, subed, and also what i like about hearthstone it looks so easy to
    play for new players in new to card game its looks so cool to play and
    really easy to learn this is a nice giveaway good luck!

  4. What i like the most about heartstone is playing against your friends or
    getting achiements/better at the game!

  5. Hearthstone is awesome because of the nostalgia it brings us(yugioh and
    magic the gathering). It also mixes in one of the worlds favorite MMORPG,
    WoW. With that mix, who isn’t excited for this awesome card game! All being
    said, Wisp OP!!

  6. Best thing about Hearthstone is being able to play a card game that invokes
    the childhood memories of times long past. Never forget some Wisp OP in the

  7. Opening the packs, knowing it will be your lucky day to get a legendary 😀
    ( I know I am oldskool magic the gathering player 😀 ) Wisp OP

  8. Easy to get into really 🙂 and from what Ive seen you can destroy people
    with the most silly cards 😛 seen someone be beaten by a 14/14 chicken xD
    please 😀

  9. One of My favorite things is the artwork! Being an artist I find the
    artwork outstanding! 🙂 And Wisp op! My twitter is @misiagroszek , shared!

  10. The best thing about Hearthstone, its a very simple game that everyone can
    easily get into, someone like me that hasn’t played any TCG in a few years
    now and finally came along Hearthstone that just grabbed me. Thank you for
    all these amazing giveaways you have done, people like you keep my hopes
    up. One more thing Wisp OP.

  11. The best thing about Hearthstone is that it’s an online CCG and there are
    tons of people to play against.

  12. it reminds me about WoW, and fun time, when i was a kid, playing it all day
    long wisp op thanks for a giveaway

  13. The best thing about Hearthstone is the balance, imo. nothing seems crazily
    OP and the heroes seems to inspire different playstiles, thus still making
    it a game of skill. The only OP thing are wisps. Wisp OP

  14. Best things ? How we can tell best things when we aren’t playing this game
    yet. I dont know but im pretty sure that is awsome game

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