[Hearthstone] Crack Down

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  1. Replace Gnomish Inventor with Bloodmage and never worry about needing that spellpower totem again.

  2. your sound is very mechanical, also when i watch in HD.
    it sounds like 240 instead – like the crackling sound noise, i have no idea what to call it.

  3. At 11:20 dog missed lethal if that was freezing trap. He lava shocks face, giving him 10 mana, and putting hunter at 24 health. Dog then plays Leeroy applies double Rockbiter and Windfury, then faceless the buffed Leeroy. If it was freezing trap, only one Leeroy would get put back while the other one would kill, with 24 dmg. Feelsbadman.

  4. So in the last turn before the hunter killed Dog, there were 2 very likely possible outcomes depending on the trap.
    1: Freezing Trap: In this scenario, the main one where he wins, Dog can lava shock for 0, giving him back his 10 mana crystals, then Play Leeroy, windfury, double rockbiter weapon for exactly 6 thanks to the reductions from emperor, then play faceless manipulator, and then have one of the two attack and get frozen, then have the other hit for 24. His opponent at 26, 0 mana lavashock, 2 damage + 24 damage of one of the two leeroys with windfury double rockbiter = 26 damge, with exact lethal. In which case, Dog's decision to almost immediately totem would have cost him his chance and he would have in fact missed lethal.
    2. Explosive Trap: The scenario where Dog can't win, and just loses on the spot, but you'd still have to try it.
    3. Bear Trap, Still win, just have 1 leeroy hit once then attack the bear, then the second leeroy cleans up.
    4.Misdirection, for some reason, and that one would almost certainly cost the game if it hit anything but a whelp.
    5. Snake Trap, would be irrelevant, still win

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