Hearthstone: GvG Preview – Crackle, Steamwheedle Sniper, Druid of the Fang

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00:00 – Crackle (Shaman)
03:21 – Steamwheedle Sniper (Hunter)
05:16 – Druid of the Fang (Druid)


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♪ Outro clip from Blizzard Entertainment
“Hearthstone: Goblins vs Gnomes Trailer”


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  2. what if when your piloted shredder died while playing warlock and you summoned a steamwheddle sniper. Could you do the 2 damage of the hero power to an enemy minion? that would be insane. similarly could you put the druid hero power on friendly minions if the same piloted shredder scenario happened?

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  4. I'm thinking that with crackle, we could start seeing some more rush-down style Shamans… you get strong early game to damage the enemy hero and then finish him off with things like Crackle, Lightning Bolt, Lava Burst, Rockbiter, Axe, Hammer and Fire Ele.
    There's a lot of direct damage there than can just bypass taunts and a lot of it is VERY cheap to use as a finisher (since the Overload becomes free… you finished the game)

    With 10 mana, you could drop 20-26 damage with something like 2xlightning bolt, 2x Crackle, Lava Burst and a Rockbiter.
    Or better yet,  22-25 damage with Hammer, double rockbiter, lightning bolt and crackle.
    Having a bit of cheap spellpower would even push that up more. Maybe Maligos would fit in well for the late game? If Maligos survives, you can just nuke the enemy hero down instantly. If

    Yes, I realize that it's a lot of cards to have all at once and that it's on turn 10, but there are a lot of cards to choose from (it's not a specific combo) and you can unload over a few turns (finishing with the highest overload cost)
    Heck, you could even add some charge and windfury comboes into there for more possibilities.

    My idea just comes from the the fact that Shaman seems to have a LOT of direct damage spells… more than the mage even.

  5. Aww man, I thought the Sniper was a neutral. Just imagine, Warlocks hurting their own minions to draw or hurting enemies and giving away a card; Druids giving a minion +1/1 for one turn, Shamans attaching the totems to minions to boost them and rogues… I guess giving +2 attack for 2 mana

    It's still possible to steal the minion like you've discussed, but that's gonna be extremely rare. The only class that can effectively steal a minion, the Priest, doesn't benefit. So yeah, yet another glimpse at some creativity in this game, swing and miss

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