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  1. This video doesn't show you how to complete what you wish correctly. A fresh working version has been revealed just search " rivaloguides " on google

  2. Today I played a ranked match against a Priest using Mage cards since the beginning playing with both decks and without using Thoughtsteal. I simply can't take this game seriously anymore. Then I got another guy summoning 3 Young Priestess from his deck. I thought that suddenly losing a card from a deck without disenchanting and getting it invalidated was buggy more than enough.
    Can anyone explain to me how can this be considered a competitive game like an e-Sport and when will they fix the exploited bugs?

    PS: Please don't tell me it's like bunny hopping in CS GO, if it is, e-Sports will take more time to be commonly respected than expected.

  3. Is this vid for real? Looks so fake. If you need a working version of this cheat just make a search " rivaloguides " on google.

  4. I have around 8 videos of people cheating. ive sent them all to battle.net but don't think they care. Havent received a reply yet.one name was curssy for rank 13. I think im going to start posting the vids if they keep ignoring this issue. Game has to much rng for allowing cheaters to keep doing what they want. That cannot beat us any other way. Calling that person a loser coward is an understatement.  I mean seriously you have to cheat in a free playable game. that's just sad.

  5. This same fucking thing just happened to me! I was playing against "UNKNOWN" and he had the upper hand until my plan came into effect and it was obvious he was going to lose… Then the same shit happened.

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