[Hearthstone] The Deck Tracking Advantage

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  1. what kind of laptop do you have if your're having fps problems by such a simple program xDxDxD (p.s. you dont need a gtx titan X to pay hearthstone)

  2. TROJAN DANGER BEWARE THE OVERWOLF, seriously, creates END-file in the root? And check out the very suspicious overwolf devs answers regarding questions about "false" positives!! (google overwolf malware etc., its a thread)

  3. Is there a way to remove the timers displaying the turns on the right side of the screen with this? and / or the numbers at the top showing how long they have had the cards for?

  4. please stop saying 'hurth' stone. It's driving me nuts. A hearthsone is the stone plate directly in front of a fireplace and it's pronounced like 'harth' stone. Yes, I'm a petty pedant.

  5. I just got HDT today, and my question is how do u make the card cost icon look like the mana gems? and also i saw some1 use it where it showed the cards with their rarity color and was wondering how to do that as well.
    I know these are only cosmetic changes, but i feel it looks better for streaming, and I would like to get into streaming in the near future.
    I also know its been 8 months since you've uploaded this and I apologize for not finding this video sooner. Thanks.

  6. Easy to set the software up and use it – but not so easy to record it….. tried OBS, Fraps and FlashBack, none of it worked, all ignored the overlay from HDT. Any ideas?

  7. hsdecktracker out of the box is the most broken ass shit I've ever used. Yes, it tracks cards. but at every window scale value it's either stretched to far up or left, but never in a readable way. How does kripp get his to look EXACTLY like that?

  8. I always enjoy your videos, much appreciated for all the tips and strategems you share. It would be awesome to have you as my hearthstone coach when I'm playing, getting your thoughts on what to play in situations, i'm a relative noob, only been playing for a month or so, but its such a fun game. Cheers

  9. Deck Trackers should not be allowed. You could do it with pen & paper, yes, but it takes time. So you gain an unfair time advantage. Some Deck Trackers even show the percentage of chance to draw a specific card.. I imagine players in a real card game tournament or casino writing down which cards were already drawn. What's next? An "enemy played" Deck Tracker?

  10. If he had gotten doomsayer off of that shredder, then you'd probably think that he is 100% stream sniping no questions asked

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