Hearthstone: Trump Basic Teachings – 04 – Fearless Hitting (Rogue)

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  1. well i guess it was okay 3 years ago now u instantly lose if u dont have cards its just so stupid and unbalanced u start the game and everyone has full sets of cards you should all killyourself

  2. this is late reaction but if you are currently playing ranked mode you would likely come across a quest playing opponent like crystal core and then you would have no chance of winning the game even if you are only level 20 or 21. bet never the less this is good basic teaching thanks a lot Trump

  3. Literally just watched your basic mage video and this video and gone on a 4 game winning streak from losing every game….your videos really help me understand the mechanics of the game!

  4. If you are having trouble winning when starting to take on other players, it can't be overstated just how much these videos help to this day, especially if you are simply interested in getting to Rank 20 for the month's cardback. I had basic knowledge of how cards worked, some synergies, but my idea about the game's fundamental concepts was completely wrong. Focusing on minions for board control, viewing health as a resource and not freaking out when you lose HP, and learning when to hold your fire are all invaluable concepts. I recently came back to the game, and probably won 3 out of 20 matches. I watched Trump's first 4 videos, and have now probably won 6 out of the next 9 games. If you apply the concepts in these videos, you are at least going to become someone who can compete on a consistent basis.

  5. I'm still confused on when to go for board control vs smashing face. Is there damage/health calculation? For example, if you have a 5/5 and your opponent has only a 1/1. Smashing seems better than killing the lowly 1/1. But if they had a 3/3 or 4/4 then of course you would go for board control. So does this mean that 3-4 points of damage is worth the card advantage? So a 9/9 would smash face past a 5/5? Or is it diminished returns at larger creatures, or is it more complicated due to buff effects?

  6. I think this video more emphasizes the sheer power of warlock rather than the meta dps removal of rogue.

    I don't know. I get told that rogue and mage are the meta, but they all seem pretty good, imo. I can see how high spellpower mage can just roll down anything, though.

    People say priest is the fucking worst, but they get divine spirit and inner fire, which can turn shit high health cards into absolute beasts. Also northshire cleric gives pretty good card advantage.

  7. Rogue feels especially difficult to use, Mage can ping for card advantage and Warlock is just the definition of card advantage itself. Rogue's card advantage is something you really have to work for. Thank God for Sprint though.

  8. "Even thou I've taken 9 damage. It's actually a good trade off as the gnomish inventor can do infinite amounts of damage given enough time" *gnome gets one kit ko'ed" trump: …….

  9. Watched the first game, saw you at 14 saying that you used your health to get board control. This is true, but against a mage or any non-first day players you can easily get killed off 14 instantly lol.

  10. Initally he plans to use using board control to do repeated damage with his minions. But when we reach 6:40 he has yet to do a single point of damage with his minions, everything he played has been wiped, he's down to 14 health and the warlock gets the advantage of playing a minion on an empty board. Is Trump really in a huge lead at that point? Why?
    I'm a newb so please enlighten me

  11. What is that counter on theleft side of the screen? Is that part of the game or just added in video editing?

  12. sucks in late game if your opponent plays a legendary like that fireball wizzard or the dragon which puts the health of one player to 15 your pretty much screwed

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