Heeeere’s Freddy! – Killer – Dead By Daylight

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Freddy just kicken ass takin names 😈

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  1. You are badass as Freddy this is my first video of yours you should play Friday the 13th the game new update

  2. I can't be the only one that really likes the sound of Freddy's knife fingers whizzing through the air or scraping against each other.

  3. Huntress Lullaby is kinda useless on Freddy. Survivors already want a skill check to fail and wake up, huntress lullaby doesn't do anything because they're already spamming space. Well it does cause the 6% regression which I guess is good but when your goal is to keep everyone asleep as much as possible running a perk that guarantees they'll wake up seems pointless.

  4. Shit I messed your stream because I was sleeping for like half day so tired but love your videos as always 😚

  5. But….. but isn't taking Lullaby as Freddy just as stupid as taking Overcharge as Freddy…?

  6. Thank you for not tunneling man. Im kinda crying, not for Real, because youre such a fair Player. Too pure for this world 😁

  7. Freddy's terror radius should be static and there SHOULD'NT be a dream transition.
    That's what i think

  8. A buff that sounds good for Freddy is skillchecks won't wake a survivor up if at least 1 survivor is awake, but if all survivors are asleep then 1 will be able to wake up from a skillcheck because it's too easy to wake up so this balances skillchecks against Freddy and possibly Overcharge as well.

  9. Freddy is actually not bad. I've been playing him alot lately because I'm about to prestige him and he's really fun

  10. Oh haha I remember watching your stream for this one! I usually miss them do to work. Glad I made this one tho

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