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HEROES EVOLVED – LUCKY WHEEL | 8K DIAMONDS | FREYA???was extracted from http://mediafire.com/?53zi99hfhh15722





  1. I remembered somebody asked me to record a luck wheel video and here you go 🙂

    Before recording this im like yea i can show my fans me getting a skin we're definitely gonna get it 9k gems + 62 luck points originally!

    Now share my sadness(this video) and like my failure(leave a like) will you? ♥

    And guys tag any video/picture of you or your friend that has more luck points than me, because if that person exists we know best how it felt ♥

  2. Why is it gems for this lucky spin and tokens for yun zhao lucky spin? Answer please.

  3. I guess im lucky..i got freya bonfire skin with only 2 time spin using 270 diamond..i spin for the first one and then pressed at the center to skip spin animation..and i did that for the second times, and bammm..got freya bonfire..lol

  4. 158 lucky and still nothing here, just bunch of lotus and pyrrus skin gold and diamond… im unlucky in lucky wheel XD

  5. When i spin the lucky wheel gem many times, I always get the unwanted rewards like lotus pyrus skin. And when i custom arrange them it still the same, I get the unwanted rewards which is I think which is unlucky for me… 🙁

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