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Cosmic reviews Heroes Evolved a new MOBA game by net dragon and R2Games. Enjoy this Heroes evolved review? Subscribe for more!
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  1. lol , this game look sucks so much on PC … mobile version is wayy better thn this ..theyre creative but they using it not in the right way by copying other .. how lazy

  2. this game is better on mobile it no way all pay 2 win at all on the mobile version you can buy your gems with in game currency that you can earn in many ways you probably just started off as a new player which is understandable that at first you would say the game is pay 2 win it a free to play game just like dota and LoL. they have updated an balance the game out. it's a good game that bring to game art style an vibe into one game many moba use the same character with different art style i see most champions that i recognize from other games. if other characters from different mobas was copyrighted or queue sounds every other moba need to be taken off the market. sorry if you cant understand my English is not good

  3. please be more specific when you talk about exploitative systems in the game… I for once was interested to hear examples of what they did

  4. I don't mind seeing a DOTA/LoL clone personally, but I agree this was such a lazy attempt… no innovation and generic art direction. What's the point of making this game when it's evident that there's little reason for players to stick around

  5. I think if you're going to do a new MOBA doing something different like Smite or Heroes may be the way to go. Don't smash your head against the behemoths of LoL and DOTA.

  6. Good Review Cosmic, I think there is a rule in adding games to steam that if you have resources from other games the game will be deleted. Hopefull that "masterpiece" gets out of steam. Keep up the good work!

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