Heroes Evolved: THIS CRIT DAMAGE!! Nezha [Top] Gameplay

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  1. Nezha is actually a chinese god. The two wheels he rides on are actually 2 phoenixes which decided to help him when he was still a demigod. The ring around him is actually a mythical weapon that he was born with. In some myths Nezha became a god when he was still young, which explains why he looks (or she, in this game) like a child, dressed in children clothing

  2. Love all the Heroes Evolved content, keep it up please!!!

    P.S. can we get a Raven gameplay please? He is soooo OP

  3. Rumblysuperset Vainglory & Heroes Evolved have the best control… mobile legends is also good, but the first 2 are the BEST!

  4. hey rumbly it's me again you should try out destiny of throne or eternal arena as for moba legends your good at mobas so I'm sure you'll drop turds on anyone in that game haha

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