Heroes of Newerth – Fayde getting a Quad Kill

Heroes of Newerth - Fayde getting a Quad Kill

Version: Match ID: 42271833 My teammate Fayde getting a Quad Kill in a 3v4 on Aramadon, Behemoth, Blacksmith, and Scout with the help of Kongor. I wa…
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  1. any new s2 hero can carry prenerf, making a wingbow is never a good option in terms of DPS, and since fayde has an aoe stun i doubt u really need the dodge. same goes for lifesteal, why would u need it when u burst heroes? tclaw and warpcleft are kinda valid as it adds to your aoe magic dmg, so even if you were “carrying” you did it wrong. just sayin

  2. This was before Fayde received her rework when she had carry potential. As for the game itself, it’s a low ranked game without a doubt, but that’s also the bracket where you have the ability to stomp lesser skilled players.

    I seriously don’t understand why people love bashing other people on their skill level and express how much better you are than them. Because IMO anyone under 1900 PSR are trash tier, including me.

  3. 1200 BR opponents? they dont even fight back? they do kong? wingbow on fayde? lifesteal when ur a burst dmg hero? lol wut noob game?

  4. well, fayde is invis before he hits 4-5 times.. in that days.. but yes the other team is retards.

  5. This would have been cool if the other team weren’t complete retards lol they didn’t react to you killing them for like 7 seconds. Terrible. Also agree with KobudoBlack.

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