Heroes Of Newerth Gold Coins Generator

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  1. Yeh the surveys suck dunno why he put em up but must say worth the generator we get 😀

  2. Update: This is for the official Patch 2.6.27, the generator is updated till this patch and will work flawlessly but only for once in a day then countdown of 24 hours will start (For your account safety). The generator will not for any previous update so make sure your generator + game is up to date.

  3. I really hate the fuckin surveys but made my mind and did it and am happy now that atleast this one worked

  4. Well for me the survey isnt a problem too its easy just do it several times solves the issue sometimes.

  5. The survey part is abit difficult but managed to pass it and got the gold generator :),its worth to atleast get the gold though

  6. gud one mate I am using and usually get around 300-600 gold per day,atleast now I can buy the avatars I want and love to buy :>

  7. Gluttony , could also be damp , wrath could also be berzerker , sloth could also be ANY OTHER FAT HERO ! 😛 still I can buy all sins whatever gold they require since I got THIS AWESOME GENERATOR

  8. Let me guess

    Gluttony = Devourer

    Envy = Parasite

    Lust = Succubus

    Wrath = Maliken

    Greed = Midas

    Sloth = Armadon

    Pride = Jereziah

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