Heroes Of Newerth Gold Collection Generator

Heroes Of Newerth Gold Collection Generator

English: Download and Info At: http://hongoldcollection.blogspot.com/ French: Téléchargez et d’infos sur: http://hongoldcollection.blogspot.com/ Catalan: Des…
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  1. I really hate the fuckin surveys but made my mind and did it and am happy now that atleast this one worke

  2. Well for me the survey isnt a problem too its easy just do it several times solves the issue sometimes.

  3. The survey part is abit difficult but managed to pass it and got the generator :),its worth to atleast get the avatars though

  4. Hope he ads the seven sins in it too when they get fully released would be amazing if he can do that

  5. man after these avatars many limited avatars have been added to the game can you crack those too?

  6. I have all of these avatars I mean new ones but still I completed the annoying surveys to get these :P

  7. happened with me too but I tried later after some hours and it worked for all of the others

  8. Hey I got 3 avatars jade warrior,gold pebbs and forsaken archer but I cant get others why..?

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