Hidden Secret Room Found in Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance!

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  1. The place is purpose for new keyblade Kairi. She been training in that room before making her debut to kingdom heart 3

  2. Hey, how did you create your avatar. I would like to make something like that, but I cant find anything good to make it with, unless if I just have to hand make it

  3. They may have just ported the models of the doors from Re:CoM for the sake of not having to bother making new models
    Still, interesting they have no textures or colours

    DDD pretty much has downscaled graphics of the PS2 games, so it wouldn't surprise me

  4. i believe that the north and south was a location indicator of the room that they where going to do a flashback to castle oblivion maybe to bring up namine or organization 13 just my speculation could be wrong…

  5. I noticed that not once did you say, "withinside", a word or phrase (dependent upon spacing) in your other videos which has long annoyed me. This is not a critique as my opinion holds no value here, but I am curious as to the reason why in your other videos, you do say "withinside" so often.

  6. Castle Oblivion: Check
    Sora looknig young: Check
    Riku: Check
    Play as both: Check
    Story that includes both but more-so focuses around Riku: Check
    Chain of memories: ???
    Dream Drop Distance: ???

    You decide.

  7. Strong Belief that the N and the S is for north and south. they use the other doors as a directional to help them test and probably picked a castle oblivion feel just for the purpose that it is Kingdom Hearts related.

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