HIDDEN UPDATE! 10 Things You May Have Missed In Clash Royale

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Hidden Clash Royale Update | CWA Mobile Gaming
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Clash Royale update is here! Today we’ll go over 10 features in the December update you may have missed and add some clarity to the new trading and donation system. What do you think the new card will be?! Enjoy!

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  1. One thing I forgot to clarify was the 500 gems for rewards. Some love it, some hate it. The good news is that they'll be changing it EVERY week depending on how good the rewards are. The value of the gems for reward will always be greater than in grand/classic challenges. The amount of gems will be much lower sometimes and maybe even higher, again depending on the value of the prizes in the tournament.

  2. Im an old school player but im still not arena 12 and i never reached arena 10 while there were legendary trophies

  3. So all I get for having 15,000 legendary trophies is some gold (really not much) and a silly emote? Im glad i quit clash royale a year ago, because clearly, clash royale quit on us.

  4. I HATE that they removed the pump from the starting hand!! It makes my complete deck useless! 🙁 There were so many counters to the pump, so why would they do that??

  5. Hi Ash, could you please clarify the gold situation, still makes no sense based off experience ? so confusing. Also noting, i kept a record of all gold and items on my account, then posted a trade where i had maxed cards but wanted to see what would happen if a guild mate took the trade. I'm down gold for a maxed card, via your calcs, should these extra cards now be sold , ie anything over 5,000 gets sold, so while it asks me for gold, i should then be getting gold for a maxed card since i can't keep anything over 5,000. Via my trade, i'm down gold and the maxed cards I got look sold, but I didn't get gold for them so I'm actually down 1250 gold for the trade, and that's not worth the tiny amount of star points. I think the system is also even more broken with maxed cards but are not max leveled. SO if you hold 5,000 of a card and are waiting to pay your $100,000k to upgrade, not only do you miss any star points from trades as you haven't MAX maxed it yet, but you also don't get gold for cards above 5,000 so again i'm down on a guild trade based on what I've tested personally. I have no issues paying gold so my guild levels up, it's sucky but if that's the new system that's going to stay consistent over the years then i guess we lump it. I'm worried that Supercell need to be 100% transparent and clear on this, cause as much as I would love to throw a million bucks at the game, i'm not rich enough to be pumping barrels of money at supercell and then find out on next patch or next update when they are loosing players or whatever that they've made the new system cheaper or easier and I've just lost out once again under the old system. Hope that made some sense. Thanks for all the vids, love watching your channel. – Adrian

  6. Please request supercell to make sure the previous trading system…. This trading system is very bad 👎… This is difficult for me to trade now 😭😤

  7. The update looks great for people who are trying to be pro players… Us poor people just look at it and wonder what we get

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