Higher than Ultra Graphics for World of Warcraft

Higher than Ultra Graphics for World of Warcraft

UPDATE: For a demonstration of fog on very-wide screen setups you can check this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=glg1We2uOw4 Comments about these two i…
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  1. Game menu (Escape) > System > Graphics > Set all graphics to low using the big bar > Set Particle Density to Ultra > Set Texture Resolution to High > Set view distance to Fair.

  2. Doesent work for me :S Tried with blizzard for mage, no difference if i do: /console spelleffectlevel 150 or 2000 :S

  3. colorblind settings for WoW. Make sure you take spaces out of link.
    h t t p s : / / u s . battle. net/sup port/en/art icle/color-blind-mo de-improvements-in-patch-4-3

  4. Every time I close WoW my config file reverts back to where it was before I added SET spelleffectlevel “125”

  5. I was just about to get a maxed build NEW alienware m18x because I just came into a lot of money unexpectedly…wanted it just to stroke my dick to, but now I can see that I can actually USE the extra power constructively now instead of just going “look what I can do! Benchmark style.”

  6. When I do console commands, nothing happens… do I need to do something before having access to this? also my WTF config files is way different than yours

  7. it’s a unique art style, not everything is supposed to look like crysis 3 on ultra settings

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