1. @SuperSiabra Most of the top tier raiding guilds, maybe all of them, use
    some variant of DKP system, which awards members based on attendance and
    contribution with a possible weighted score given for senority – officers/
    leader. Members with higher attendance are more valuable to the guild then
    “skilled players” that never show up for raids and a good guild would NEVER
    award “uber loot” to “tag alongs”. P2W rewards tag alongs and dummies with
    uber loot, if they pay cash. Terrible idea.

  2. I’m glad I stopped playing this trashbag NEW Store of the Rings Online. I
    don’t mind playing a game with a cash store, but with the emphasis focusing
    on store instead of content, it ruins my immersion into the GAME – which is
    why I play. I don’t want a real world dynamic to affect my virtual world.
    Otherwise, I’d rather play real life instead…

  3. Thanks for sharing this Goldenstar/Merrick. Interesting that Turbine has
    gone from claiming they’d never do ‘Pay to Win’ to bragging that they are
    doing it. The fans love for Tolkien’s books is the only thing keeping LOTRO
    going now imo. And since they are changing all the class traits and making
    even VIP’s buy the expansion to get the new epics with Helms Deep I’m
    looking for a new MMO.

  4. Marketing blah blah blah, we are going to sell advantage. When ROI is
    launched, a lot of players are going to be pretty cheesed. Those creep
    folks won’t have much to do when the freep players avoid the place because
    they don’t WANT to spend more than $15 a month subscription fee.

  5. This is a great video to put out guys!!! I’m glad that Turbine felt the
    need to delve into the controversy surrounding the store. This is one of
    the things I like about Turbine, is that they’re very interactive with the
    community and the feedback we give them 🙂

  6. His point is well taken. In 12-years of EQ I’d seen skilled player who did
    not have time to grind suffer under the grind-for-gear system. In raids
    there were dummies who got uber gear just for tagging along. An “effort”
    system is to blame when skilled players were driven away from the game. I
    missed many of them. With gear in store, as long as the price is kept
    reasonable, a lot of good players will be happy. Wish EQ would go to this.
    EQ servers are graveyards atm.

  7. @JohnnyLo199: EQ used to have dkp, but when the servers became ghost towns,
    top guilds started to take any warm bodies, and would hand out banked uber
    loot to entice people to join. These days they can’t even find warm bodies
    to fill raids. This is what happens when a game is based on effort/grind.
    Store allows skilled casual players to play. Good for everyone in the end.
    EQ is dying. Please go join it if you want a true effort/grind based game
    and help out there.

  8. If it wasn’t for the fucking lore, I’d have left lotro before I even got
    there…. if that makes sense. Terrible game, great lore.

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