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Hobby King $ 14 Key Chain Camera on Super Cub..aviwas extracted from http://mediafire.com/?53zi99hfhh15724


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  1. @TheLipRipp3r Thanks for watching. I live in north central Ohio. I also
    tried the file fixes with no luck. tallguysd knows the secrete.

  2. @NoobyRC You are absolutely right. I only buy stuff I usually can’t find
    elsewhere. Shipping is really crappy from China. My camera went to
    Switzerland before it came to Ohio. I like HobbyPartz better, 4.95
    shipping. They are out of stock a lot. My local hobby store is great on
    prices untill you get to electronic parts, esc,motors etc. Then they kill
    ya. If you find a good site let me know. Thanks for watching. Can’t wait to
    see you up in the air again.

  3. Use Avg its free and it works unlike Norton which just clogs up your system
    with crap. Flush Norton 🙂

  4. @jauchiu lol, everybody is into your camera dude, yep you need to reset the
    date, anyways nice video. cheers.

  5. @nishbrown Thanks for watching. I had the camera wrapped in a piece of
    foam, it helped some. I have some boats, they eat up the pond pretty quick.
    Good luck on your “foam-ectomy”.

  6. Nice to have a face for the name. 😉 A tiny bit of vibration, but not bad
    at all! Sweet flying spot! You need a Hydro for the pond. lol I turned 6 in

  7. Cool flight cam…I got one and crashed on it’s maiden flight, and ruined
    it right outta the gate!!! lol I followed all the instructions and changed
    the DOS files to fix the date….still couldn’t get it to display
    correctly!!! What part of the country is that??? Neat flying area!

  8. @LIPOPILOT Do you know what’s amazing? Eric and I got off on the wrong
    foot, we had a discussion, and now we’re friends. You on the other hand,
    just went ahead and blocked me?!?! Glad you agree, and have yourself a
    wonderful day!

  9. @jauchiu Yea your right about the being in stock, seems like 90% of there
    web page for the batteries has out of stock tags on there products, but
    still if you look hard enough you find what you need, in stock and these
    little 1000 to 2200 kv motors dont need a 30 or 40 c 4 or 5 cell anyway.
    The battery I got is listed as a 1800 mah 20c 3 cell, and the plane flew
    very fast on the bursts and for much longer then i thought it would.

  10. Yea I dont shop with hobbyking anymore to many problems, bad batteries and
    crashed planes do to lousy parts, I wont even go into delivery time. It is
    nice that you were eventually able to get your camera to work.

  11. @jauchiu have you tried rchotdeals.co Foamfighters recomends them. Now
    Rchotdeals has those 2200kv motors Mickeysrc used to sell (I love those
    little motors) And they have larger motors for larger planes at Mickeysrc
    prices, ESC prices not bad either, but battery prices very expensive there.
    I get motors & ESC from hotdeals and batteries from hobbypartz, IF INSTOCK
    I just got a 20c lipo from them and I just got back from trying it out LOVE
    IT! Mickeysrc Hk-7 radio parts I found on Ebay.

  12. Hey bro I think my eyes just saw 1980? in there…..? lol Nice camera piece
    you got there, I ve always wanted that camera for my Hirobo SDX but I dont
    have the access yet for this hobby king..in which part of the products this
    camera related to the hobby king gallery? i need to see. nice scenery and
    flyinng bro. cheers! Sky

  13. @tallguysd I need help. Thanks I tried a couple of things that did not
    work. Some even warned of causing the camera to malfunction.

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