Hogwarts Park Tour – Planet Coaster

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  1. It's nice, but the buildings are too colorful. Hogsmaede village has gloomy and subtle colored buildings

  2. Absolutely fantastic….I have so enjoyed all the videos in this series. You have such creativity! Are you still streaming this game and adding to this park?

  3. I think you should build the Shrieking Shack between Hogsmeade and the Privet Drive section and put a ride near it. Or even move the whomping willow around and put the entrance to the ride under the tree and have it go underneath it and open up to the ride in or near the shrieking shack. Would be cool to see a hedge maze with the center being the Screaminator. Since there is a giant squid in the black lake you could put Rocktopus over the lake or on the edge of it with the tentacle animatronics popping out of the water. Would be neat if the roller coaster that you have right now could edit the tunnel system to imitate the vents and pipes and add the Chamber of secrets with it, and can add the basilisk skeleton.

  4. Just saw Fantastic Beasts last night and I've been watching HP videos on YouTube all morning. This is awesome! Look forward to seeing what you do with the park next. Hopefully someone will come up with a mod to make it easier to detail the inside of buildings…would love to see the inside of Hogwarts!

  5. Beautiful! If I can make a suggestion maybe the entrance to the park should be Kings Cross Station 😀

  6. You need a new park entrance; that's why all of your shops are closed cause they have all quit.

  7. Mort you will need a Pirate ship in the lake like in harry potter 4 as well as the flying carriage it was purple ish… always love your work man.

  8. O man, I fucking wish I had a gaming pc ready for this :/

    This is something I would love to play around with. Maybe one day!

  9. What Harry and Ron crash a car into a tree? Thanks for the spoiler! Also the Dursleys must have got quite a shock if they discovered there was a zonking great magic castle just in front of their house.

  10. hey mot i made a watershow in the game with triggers it has over a 100 fountains

    if you want to take a look at it my steam name is stero144 hope you can find it

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