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  1. If anyone with bulgarian knowledge would like to check on my subtitles that would be great. Thanks !!

  2. I've always said that Christmas and Halloween are the best holidays to be a gamer, and just builds up the hype and love for each respective holiday. 😀

  3. After making the Spanish subtitles, I realized that Dodger says "Right?" waaay too many times lol.

  4. I think it's really interesting how lately (and perhaps this has always been the case, but I've only recently taken notice of it) what players and fans want most out a company is simple communication. And it just baffles me how often companies don't do that.
    In an era where communication is SO easy to achieve – no longer requiring some big press conference, but just a simple tweet or post on a website. And, yet, it is incredible how few companies actually do this.
    All fans want is transparency. When something goes wrong during development, setting a games release date back or something similar, all we want to know is 'Why?' And it's not even like we need detailed answers, we just want an explanation, so that it doesn't feel like the company is hiding things from us. I hope companies start to understand more and more how important this is, because if they want a fanbase who is loyal, they have to be worth trusting. Meaning they have to be transparent and just say 'we pushed back the release date because of A, B, C or we didn't include these in the update because A, B, C'

  5. That is really quite cool that they are sending the devs cookies 🙂 Great video Doogs & I hope that you have an amazing time in the UK 😀

  6. The Dishonored 2 update sounds pretty awesome. I'd like to see them add co-op, just for fun, but that's asking too much.

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