Homefront: The Revolution – PC Min vs. Medium vs. Max Graphics Comparison

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  1. 0:45 на минималках выглядит круче чем на средних…=)

    0:45 новый дрейкфейс посередине на средних))))

  2. Can you tell me what can i expect running a i7-3770k 3.5ghz, 2x sli evga gtx 970 ftw+, 16gb corsair vengeance 2400mhz, ssd hard drive? I have it on the ps4 and it lags quite a bit while shooting and other functions. I plan on getting it for the pc so i can get rid of those issues.

  3. Notebook : Hp
    İntel core i5
    Ram : 8gb ddr3
    Video card : Nvidia gt940m (2gb)
    İs running?

  4. Something is wrong in the last scene. Why does medium has extra puddles of water and less frames per second than high?

  5. What happened? I mean, the graphics are fine, but it's a Crytek engine. Why couldn't they make it super detailed like the Crysis games?

  6. literally shadow, lighting and AA, that sall and not a massive difference either. they should of done higher quality textures man

  7. The rain texture on the van looks odd.. Like it's cut and you could really see there's no rain dripping down. Idk it just looks wierd

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