Hon 2013 (March) | HACK GOLD COINS+SILVER COINS | (works on 3.0 PATCH)

Hon 2013 (March) | HACK GOLD COINS+SILVER COINS | (works on 3.0 PATCH)

All you need to do is to follow my steps: 1.Go to http://adf.ly/IXtby and create account 2.Log in game with your acc 3.Play until u reach lvl 5 on matchmakin…
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Heroes of Newerth 2013 hack2013


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  1. for the experience i been searching 4 hack, non of the are free, u nid to do survey to download it, or else free download but u will c README FOR PASSWORD,and u end up still have to do the fucking survey

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  3. hey mate I tryed to create a account but it said “Sea Users must connect Via The Garnea Client” can you make a thing for sea users.
    Cheers poolicker

  4. THE LINK PROVIDED IN THE DESCRIPTION IS INFECTED WITH LOADER and KEY LOGER ( scanned with kaspersky 2011) also DO NOT DOWNLOAD the program provided or the hacker will have acces of your computer and private information stored or online data, sorry mate not so lucky when some knolege of antivirus gets your tale you are not so lucky :)) and DONT ever donload “suposed” MH for HON beacause the map is hosted by HON servers so u cant acces the data base with a MH client ! THUMBS UP my post for others

  5. its kinda not fake , cause the referal program doesn`t work 🙂 its 3.0 website. If you dont belive it , none of my problems xD

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