HoN – Heroes of Newerth item duplication exploit (PATCHED)

HoN - Heroes of Newerth item duplication exploit (PATCHED)

A little demonstration of the exploitation I did in a random pub game. This exploit was patched within a matter of hours of discovery. It is no longer possib…
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  1. lol there was another way to do this before it was patched yesterday. good thing i abused the hell out of it before it was over.

  2. haha enemy team is so stupid. After the kick everyone from his team will get like 5000 gold xD before minute 15

  3. Of course, they can’t use that language in the ToS unless they violate the ToS themselves by telling you that the bug exists. When patch notes don’t have to tell you EVERYTHING that happens behind the scenes, you can just go ahead and take it as a buff that they decided not to announce.

    In short, they actually are unable to ever use that part of the ToS, simply because of the way the game works. Of course, they’d laugh at you until you filed a lawsuit and won.

  4. Won’t kicking him do nothing? , they get a portion of his gold, ALL of his items, and all of those blessed orbs in the base >:O

  5. There’s still an item duplication bug, no idea how to make it work on purpose though. (I always end up with 2 boots when it happens t hough, sometimes 3 😛 )

  6. lol when you got kickt your mates must have been happy because they gets all of your items and moneyxD hahahaha

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