Hotkey and Camera Control Tutorial – Planetary Annihilation Alpha


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  1. As somebody with a physical disability, I cannot use the middle mouse
    button to zoom. Is there a keyboard shortcut? This would be REALLY

  2. how do I reorient my camera in game cause when the match starts my camera
    is aline with N and S pole along with my structures when I scroll around
    and rotate the planet eventually my camera is aline with the equator of the
    planet and my mind in thrown for a memory game of where all my made units

  3. Why the hell do when I push spacebar my camera does stupid shit like zoom
    all the way out to Oblivion? 

  4. You can find an overview of the hotkeys in the description of this video!
    There will be more hotkeys in the future.

  5. Thnx! Is there an overview of the hotkeys somewhere? How did you find out
    about them? I’m still missing a lot of things I expect and hope are already

  6. If you want to add a unit to a group you have to select all the units you
    want to be in that group. So all the units that were already in there, and
    the units you want to add. Then you reassign the control group number again.

  7. Do the CTRL + L for selecting all land units, CTRL+ A for selecting all air
    units and such work as well? Also what are the rotation keys?

  8. Great vids by the way… got a question… let say i build a fab bot, and i
    have a group already, is there a way to add the new bot to the main group
    for fab bots i have? Oh, another issue i’m having… what are left and
    right.. do officially, i keep canceling shift build orders, i come from sc
    and sc2, this is a little different set up, any help appreciated.. or a
    video to help people convert from SC to PA would be helpful

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