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  1. This game is downright atrocious……….$2 for a coke!! Two dollars!!

    Edit: Whenever I watch someone play Outlast I just wait up until the part @
    2:30 and just chuckle then my night is complete.

  2. Everyone gets scared when they’re being chased.Especially if the person is
    a psycho that is disfigured and is trying to kill you.

  3. It’s a great game and a good break from generic scary games but the AI in
    this game become too predictable in how they react towards you when they
    see you. After awhile, you start to realize that you just have to run away
    from them, and hide in a dark spot or a locker and you’re good to go.

  4. The AI in this game is fucking retarded, idk how many times I would get
    chased by the “pig” looking guy, squeeze half way through a shelf, a bed
    frame and then him acting like he cannot even see me, was not even
    realistic, he just followed his normal act, went back to walking his normal
    pace, as if nothing happened.

  5. Try playing this game at night in a dark room alone with headset. That
    would scare the shit out of all normal people

  6. The beginning is scary but I find it easy to get used to the pattern along
    the way. Yeah it’s scary when those naked men chase you..

  7. People who say they weren’t scared during this game are lying. I promise
    you anyone who plays this jumped at least once during one of the moments
    where something jumps out of nowhere and scares the crap out of you.
    Seriously, stop trying to act tough on the internet. No one is impressed.

  8. I wasn’t scared at all in this game, but it was definitely fun, this has
    got to be my favourite horror game of all time, I loved the gore, and all
    that disgusting stuff, I laughed like heck throughout the whole game.
    I’m sure I’m not alone, horror games, are the best games.
    We seriously need some online-multiplayer horror games, to share the fear.

  9. This game ain’t scary per se, it’s all a big jumpscare fest but if it’s
    scary for you, that’s fine.

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