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Windows 10 Activation Script –

Hey Guys! Bendji D. here from Get Fixed. In today’s video we’re gonna be going through the process of activation your version of windows 10 without a product key. If you have any question, let me know what it is down below.

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  1. if you say it work then y dont u reinstall window on ur computer and run de command on ur window then while u r rec

  2. WOW!!! your the answer to my misery. I thought there's malware as I read the commnt section but its working. it says windows activated! You got my subs. your the only channel I sub. 👍👍👍

  3. Hey I'm have problem with Windows 10 I can't use key board on Windows apps/ internet explore but can use on Google / steam…. Help plz

  4. It really is that easy. If any one is having problems, make sure u right click on the file and run as administrator

  5. I'm happy with my Linux. Fuck windows and their privacy violating downloads of everything you have on your computer and making you pay each year to use it.

  6. mine is windows 10 pro doesn"t work it is showing that connection to the server failed in cmd please help me

  7. Hi Sir, I did as it said, but it didn't give a watermark. My readout was exactly the same as yours after running the code. I have Windows 10 Pro. It has been giving me a warning that my product is about to expire, but is still active. Thank you in advance for your help! Edit: I rebooted and I am still getting the "Your Windows is about to expire" message.

  8. The connection to my KMS server failed! Trying to connect to another one…
    Please wait…

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