HOW TO ACTIVATE SPEED HACKS | Shuffle Wave Dash / Squishy Wave Dash Tutorial (Rocket League)


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  1. Tysm this video has made way better at wave dashes it has improved my gameplay rlly appreciate the video it took me a couple of time rewinding the video to get all the detail keep it up with all you videos and tutorials

  2. Why would you need a finger for boost during wave dashes? You need jump and slide with air roll. I normally play claw on console and just shift my thumb from the camera JS to my jump button, with pretty much default controls on the buttons. And maybe I lose a ms or so moving my finger back to boost when I’m finished, but it’s totally possible to wave dash with default controls.

  3. This is a chain dash, and also your not even doing it right lol!! Diagonal wave dashes are much faster for forward motion momentum. This is how squishy does it

  4. How do you do that with Dominus? It's so much harder to do that with the Dominus. Is there any tricks or tips for doing this wit Dom?

  5. I find this video very odd. This move came out so long ago. Most of us can probably do this backwards with our eyes closed by now.

  6. I've never understood why people like wave dashing so much, besides when dribbling at super high levels.

    I always hear "wavedashing is great when you have no boost and want to gain speed" …….oh you mean like a flip??

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