How to Activate Windows 10 with KMSpico Activator 2019


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It helps you to activate the Microsoft products easily and safely.
It is worthy nowadays because many people are unable to buy the products keys for all the products also without he activation key you can’t use all the features of windows and ms office.

So if anyone is having problem in activating windows just follow this simple guide to learn how you can do it easily, also you will find the download link.

What is KMSPico?
KMSPico is used to validate the pirated version of Microsoft Windows. However, this KMS technology is introduced by the Microsoft for the mutual gain, without getting exposed by microsoft.

So you can say that these keys are published by the same team for public use.

KMSPico is also the software of those such technologies which doesn’t violates the rules of Microsoft. It’s just like a local server which let every machine use the KMS Technology.!

KMSPico doesn’t only helps you in activating Windows OS it also helps you to activate the MS Office which is also a Microsoft product.

You know that the new versions of ms office are required to be activated to use their full features. It come with some days of trial. When trial ends you need to activate it to use it again. That’s why this activator is also helpful for activating it.
How KMSPico Works!
To understand the concept of KMSPico you first need to understand how KMS works. We are taking an example of Microsoft so that you can learn properly.

As you know that Microsoft works with many small and big companies. So the people of those companies have the problem in verifying the windows.

To solve this problem Microsoft assigns the Key Management Server (KMS). This way they don’t need to enter the product key to activate their Windows. Instead they go through the KMS server and this server activate their Microsoft products.

This way Microsoft achieved an activation of the volume licensed products. So, now every company uses the KMS server instead of buying the separate copy of windows for every system.

What KMSPico Does?

When you buy a copy of Windows or Microsoft product you will get the trial version of that product. Some of them consist keys otherwise they came in the trial versions. Trial versions are limited for almost 30 days. When the trial expires you will have to activate the product to use it more. When the trial expires you can’t use some features of Windows or MS Office. In this case you need to have an activator so that you can use that product for lifetime.

KMSPico is an example of such software which helps you to activate the Microsoft products so that you can use it for the rest of life for free.


This is the list of all the products which KMSPico supports.

Windows 10
Windows 8.1
Windows 8
Windows 7
Windows Vista
MS Office 2016
Office 365
Office 2013
Office 2010
Office 2007
We will keep updating it if we found another supported product or found any new information about activator.

As you read all the above information about the tool now here is a full guide on How you can download and install the windows activator. Follow these steps so that you can also enjoy the fully activated windows and ms office for the lifetime. This is very easy to install and use activator.

First of all you need to turn off the firewall and Anti-virus (Don’t worry it’s not a trojon or any virus. Antivirus block it because they know this will activate the windows :D)


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