How to activate Windows 8.1? MS Toolkit


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Free windows10activatormicrosofttoolkit2.5.3 is ready for download

How to activate Windows 8.1? MS Toolkitwas extracted from

You can download activator here –


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  1. Yeah this is actually legit. If your activation is unsuccessful because of bypass dll it is most likely because of your antivirus stopping it. Just pause AV, activate, resume AV.

  2. first i was thinking no it's a virus but a try it first i scnned it with anti-virus and it say's that it is clear so i opened and choose windows 8.1 and i get the key and actovated him i was so happy than this works really thanks you are awesome bro i leave a like and subscription

  3. You just saved my life with this. Before using it, I had the activation notification from Windows constantly appearing, it said that it was gonna expire in 2 days, I downloaded this Toolkit, followed the instructions and then I checked where you're supposed to type the activation key on PC configuration, and it said that it was done and that activation option didn't appeared again on PC configuration. So, does it mean it's activeÂż Like really active?Cause if it is, thank you so much! If the notifications stops popping tomorrow, then I'll know this worked perfectly!

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