How to activate Windows 8.1 Pro (Build 9600) PERMANENTLY


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Free windows10activationcode is ready for download

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  1. I tried to get Windows 10 update through free product key but I got my 8.1 deactivated.
    I tried many commands, softwares and settings but no use also tried what you showed but it's not working out and what's that pdt key how to get it I tried some old key something that place it showed completed after entering this command that's it plz help

  2. it says can't activate Windows by phone contact your system administrator for more information

  3. Thanks now I just have to call Skype but I am not going to do it alone because I am a 10 years old child

  4. when i click the step 5 at command prompt ' slui 4 ' then i hit enter it says CAN'T ACTIVATE WINDOWS BY PHONE………….. what should i do now sir?????????????? thanks in advance………….

  5. i can't reach the step 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! only step 5 and then error for activation………. can you help me for this???? thank you very much…………..

  6. Bro Wreckseal, Thanks for the Video presentation, everything u said is True and Correct. Just successfully activated my Windows 8.1 Pro Edition….Yeah!!!….guys do google for the keys yourself…u can find it somewhere in the web….good luck…and do listen to what the video is trying to tell you…for those whom have done the windows toolkit way.. u have to uninstall it and remove the keys before proceeding to do this method which is PERMANENT ACTIVATION….:)

  7. If I'm to follow the instruction from Microsoft site then I'm sorry to say there is no need for this video

  8. On 5 ''slui 4'' he say me ''Can't activate by phone
    Contact your system administrator for more info'' what i can do ?

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