how to breed pure dragon’s in dragon city


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  1. I got pure nature from them too then I breed fire with the pure nature and
    got pure fire, then nature pure with dark and got dark pure

  2. i dont know how to get crystal and mirror( i didnt tried) but i know that u
    have chance for it, not only for mirror and crystal u also have chance for
    wind and legend… breed : cool fire + soccer,cool fire + gummy, soccer +
    armadillo, cool fire + armadillo it should work, if it doesen’t try
    breeding them more times u dont have 100% chance to get some of legend
    dragons in first try….

  3. thank’s for the tip but i don’t play now dragon city.. and i have all now
    the dragons in the shop but some are not

  4. Terrible music. You need two legendary at level> = 15 for a pure dragon.
    add me on FB I need to open neighboring islands. alexander.munoz @

  5. lucky u cuz that was a normal pure, u get any pure easy when u gat dat one,
    if u want like water pure all u need is a fire element and pure.

  6. Laser + Dandelion or Icecube + Vampire… these should work to get soccer,
    but you need only patience. 🙂

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