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This video is a detailed tutorial for a Dedicated Storage Warehouse that has 2 floors and can house 160 Dedicated Storage Boxes.

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Build Information

🌍 Map – Extinction

📌 coordinates – 74.5LAT 35.5LON

💪🏻 Difficulty Lvl – ★★☆☆☆

🛠 30 x Stone Triangle Foundations, 32 x Stone Stairs, 10 x Stone Foundations, 13 x Wooden Fence Foundation, 01 x Stone Dinosaur Gate Frame, 01 x Reinforced Dinosaur Gate, 48 x Stone Pillars, 166 x Metal Walls, 24 x Metal Ceilings, 36 x Metal triangle Ceilings, 12 x Thatch Ceilings, 06 x Wooden Ladders, 160 x Dedicated Storage Boxes, 02 x Metal Stairs, 29 x Metal Railings, 24 x Greenhouse Triangle Roofs, 06 x Sloped Metal Wall Left, 06 x Sloped Metal Wall Right, 06 x Metal Triangle Roofs, 04 x Thatch Walls, 02 x Stone Railings, 07 x Vertical Metal Water Pipes

🎮🕹 Controls

Flip Wall
XBOX (Y Button)
PS4 (Triangle Button)
PC (E Key)

Snap Point Cycle
PS4 (R1)
PC (Q or Z Key)

PC – Hold alt-fire (default: Right Mouse button) and use the number keys (1-6) to select which colour regions you wish to paint
Xbox – LT+ Up, Down, Left or Right on DPad (for region 1-4) and Xbox: LT+LB+ X or Y (for region 5 and 6)
PS4 – L2 + Up, Down, Left or Right on DPad (for region 1-4) and L2 + L1+ Square or X (for region 5 and 6)

♫Music Credit♫

☆TRACK 1 – Song: Fytch feat. Naika – Just Like Gold (Mario Ayuda Remix) [Concordia Recordings]

☆TRACK 2 – Bjorn – Tides [Concordia Recordings]

☆TRACK 3 – Helucze – Mistakes (Instrumental Mix) [Concordia Recordings]

☆TRACK 4 – Qaayel – Scars (Instrumental Mix) [Concordia Recordings]

☆TRACK 5 – Enyo & Mario Ayuda, Daav One feat. Q’Aila – In My Dreams [Concordia Recordings]

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  1. So I’m much more for the PvE, and building aspect of ARK; so for me, this video was actually incredible. Just as far as video tutorials go in general, it’s actually the perfect kind of format. My goodness.

  2. When I saw the inside of this storage area for some reason I instantly thought of Star Trek Discovery and the bridge of the Black Badge ships. Awesome layout nonetheless

  3. Will it still look good if i swap out the metall for wood and use large storage boxes instead?

  4. Bro what are the ladders for at 7:02 I see you putting ladders in all your video, what is the purpose if you don't mind me asking.

  5. It's not just your builds that are amazing, but your videos as well and you edit and put them together.

  6. Does ppl use creative mode in single player? Im stucked between use it or not… while stone and wood structures are cheap, metal and glass is not and need lot of grind. Add the fact that TEK recipes seem impossible in solo to obtain, Im always thinking if should just use the creative mode…

  7. Amazing design, especially the entrance. I'm not cool enough to have tek storage, but I did adopt the design with normal large storage boxes stacked sideways.

  8. ARK LOL, the programmer that build the snap structure should be fired instantly…. never seen such a poor job

  9. Would love for this build to fit in a replicator. Love the looks inside but without a replicator makes it hard for me to want to dedicate all those dedicated boxes.

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