How to change your Arma 2 OA/DayZ CD-KEY (For newbies) (Any Version)


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  1. Darky’s isnt safe.. when i downlaod it my norton removes it instantly. and
    if you say “turn your antivirus off” ill say fuck you faggot

  2. Don’t waste money on key sellers. Go make a new Steam Account and buy Arma
    2 OA again. Never download anything from YouTube and dont
    hack….especially if you don’t know what your doing.

  3. Make a new steam account, Buy Arma 2 OA on there (You don’t need to buy
    Arma 2 because only OA gets banned), get the key, and follow my tutorial 😀
    DO NOT buy from the key sellers on hack forums….It will be resold to
    other people and banned within a day.

  4. So in order to do this you’re saying that I need to make a new steam
    account and buy arma 2 OA only? And after this where do I retrieve this
    code from? Does it automatically replace it or do i have to copy it like
    you did in this video?

  5. 🙁 uh well thats it for me i love dayz so much yet i just had to try to
    hack…and then boom banned…well i need to buy a key but fuck that shit
    iam just going to buy arma 3 and play it yet still i love arma 2 so fucking
    much…damn well NRD do you have any way i can get a new code free…

  6. There is a get CD-Key option when you right click on it and than paste it
    in the new key tab and press “Change Key”.

  7. Also, I have updated video not using Darky’s if you really think it will
    make a difference lol. Get educated.

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