How To Complete SMS Verification Without A Phone

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  1. Tutorial for Pinger freshmen. If you can’t create an account, download the
    application to your PC/phone, and do it from there. If you can’t verify
    your account, ask the Pinger staff to do it for ya. Use the e-mail provided
    down below. If you want to change your phone number, again, ask the Pinger
    staff for a list of possible phone numbers to change for.

    The e-mail is:

  2. stupid site wont let me create an account… dude, in your vid you said
    you’ll reply and not once you commented on the below issues… sucks dude,

  3. “There was a problem getting your code. Please try again.”
    Furthermore, the verification for PINGER comes without a link, yet it still
    tells you to click the link. the fuck brah?

  4. Doesn’t work if it ever did, they fixed the app.

    SMS without a phone seems darn impossible.


    I wanted to verify the account and they sent me an verification email to my
    email addres but when i get into it i found no link to click to verify
    just a big space i thinks the link should be in this place, help please!!

  6. The pinger number used on the jingit app is from an ‘unsupported carrier’
    in other words, it doesn’t work.

  7. Hey TwoGuysOneTube’s do you know if pinger is still working because I try
    sign up for free and it tells me they are trying to fix it but I been
    trying for 4 days Plz help. Thx :P

  8. Doesn’t work for me. Pinger’s website asks for a zip code… and won’t
    accept a British post code. This is stupid.

    I did try several equivalent sites as well as the android version of Pinger
    and nothing is working for Tinder’s verification SMS. Keeps giving me error
    messages about either the numer being invalid or saying there’s a “problem
    with getting your code”.

  9. Hello!

    Today I have repeatedly sent to my mobile number as you requested, to
    flocks may come again on my facebook.
    Nothing happens.
    Your words: “You should Receive a text at +??? ??????? with your
    confirmation code soon.” do not stick. You’re lying.
    What do you want from me? I’m not a criminal woman, do not steal, I have a
    clean record …
    Only one account I have opened with Facebook. But to him I can not get
    over, because they always ask for something from me.
    It does not work.
    Since man can not require that you entrust all their personal information.

    All we can not speak good English and therefore you should not just someone
    close facebook account !!!

  10. Sounds good but cant create account at pinger any more so video is

  11. i tried pinger and put the phone number in twitter verification but the
    code isnt in the messages i have

  12. How can I receive Paypal verification code it doesn’t come on pinger. How
    can I use U S number to receive Paypal verification code without using my
    number my U S number.

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