How To: Crack a Password-Protected Zip File


FileSize: 27 MB

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  1. These fucking Lab rats make me SICK!!!!! Grow the fuck up and admit that you don't know shit either..DAM!!!!

  2. Thank you for this…I can now show the finger to any fuckass movie pirater who locks it with a password that can be gotten via doing surveys n shit

  3. Those guy who think this is useful then you cat eat potato 😀 Dictionary attack in backdated :3

  4. Hello, So how to crack password – protected.D00 file by VirtualDrive 11 software?

  5. guys note that if ur zip archive doesnt have a password but you are trying to crack a file that has a password(not to open the archive) then this doesnt work. both fcrackzip and john the ripper wouldnt work and if you keep trying you can actually corrupt the file inside. so if theres a password when ur trying to open the actual zip folder then this "works". but if theres no password to open the archive instead to open a file inside there really is no working method online today. like i said it can corrupt ur GG

  6. + Chris Haralson

    The program doesnt crack my ps3 jail break file plz help me. If i send you the file will you crack it for me? Plz send email

  7. Hello Chappies, While i try to crack this .zip file for PS3 jail break, how am i supposed to do so? These options are useless with the archive i'm trying to brute force. If you find the password please give it to me via email:

    You must Use brute force. Never do disctionary it wont work because the word list is short. LOL if you want to jail break ps3, take it to a mod shop and they will apply modchip to your ps3. The jail break WILL not work without one. Just for xbox 360 you need JTAG you must chip the ps3 for running unsigned code. Jail break will not work on ps3 like this. By the way the file is inside the archive and if you put that file on ps3 it will take you to 89 percent then it says the file is corrupted so it's pointless downloading the file. Also perform MD5 hash check of the file. YOu can enter any pass and that will get you the file but it wont work because its still hashed. You can try Hash cracker or cain and able.

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