How to: Dark and Light Server Manager and Admin Cheat Codes!


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Free nidhogg2cheat is ready for download

How to: Dark and Light Server Manager and Admin Cheat Codes!was extracted from

Today I am back with an update to my previous videos to tell you the FASTEST AND EASIEST way to host your own DARK and Light dedicated server using the Dark and Light Server Manager!

Dark and Light Server Manager

Excel file with cheats and spawn codes

Best website I found for cheat codes


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  1. Could you enlighten me on how to save the character I made in the sever I made through dnl sever manager? I got on a character last night and got him all the way to 25 then called it a night and closed out of everything . Figuring that when I would get back on today that'd I'd be playing the same character from last night but that's not the case.

  2. I dont know what i'm doing wrong here but the one cheat that wont work for me is Infinitestats. I didn't have to enable cheats. Basically I go into single player, type in the cheats and they work, all except infinite stats. Makes building hard..

  3. [UPDATER] Starting server update.

    [UPDATER] Updating server from steam.

    [UPDATER] **************************
    [UPDATER] ERROR: Failed server update.
    [UPDATER] **************************

    [UPDATER] Finished upgrade process.


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