1. it’s not working fer me. when i’m finished and when I finally click on the desktop icon nothing happens. it won’t get in the game??

  2. sorry. I will talk more clearly more next one. I showed this video to many people like my friends and they said they could understand easily just the noise was there. Anyways. Check out my new video and let me know do I talk clearly or not? or I;m understandable or not. And the font name I have forgotten. It was downloaded by me. Let me know about my new video! as to wheather I speak nicely or not!

  3. no, the rest is also barely to not understandable, especially the part where the installation finishes and you hit those checkboxes, its just aks;dfja dsfadsfad but asdkf;aj please a;dsfjadkfj i recommend you to asdfasdkfajd fa;djsfajsdfa. im not trying to make you feel bad or something, because the description was very clear and i could get grid 2 by following that. thank you for the working download that has no survey. btw what is that font called you used in your background?

  4. sorry but I talked clearly not toooo much but ya in an understandable way though 😉 moreover during the editing of the video I by mistake added some noise that also pisses…

  5. I think only the noise is the one giving problem of understanding. Other than that I TALK VERY CLEARLY AS SOON AS THE TUTORIAL STARTS. Ya I know that in the intro part I was horrible but other part everyone understands….

  6. no, he talks too horrible. his english is far from understandable, and the noise doesn’t help either.

  7. hey vison, what is the font you used in your background where it says “I GET YOU FREE GAMES” ?

  8. yea man i checked i even re installed the game, it worked then i put my pc to sleep…. my anti virus is the problem… i have bitdefender 2012 i dont know what to do now, it think steam_api.dll is a virus and keeps on telling me i need permisiion to copy and paste it from the crack file to the main GRID 2 folder

  9. Thats a wired problem. See that ur anti virus never deleted the crack files u copy pasted after the restart.

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