How To Download Cheat Engine (No Virus) (V.6.6)


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  1. Ok I did this on a virtual machine for everyone. This program does not give you a virus! If you accept, any ads it will harm your computer with PUP's (Potentially Unwanted Program). If you find an advertisement that does not allow you to uncheck it, click "cancel"

  2. You guys are so retarded. It has virus but doesnt harm your computer. Harms the games or (hacks). Thank me later

  3. I will say this for all the people wondering if this is a virus… it is not, but if you download the things I told you not to download (the ads) then it can end up putting a virus on your pc.

  4. Guys Cheat Engine its a Program to Hack Games! They have Virus, but there virus dont attack the computer, its attack your target (games) -Frankenstain GligaByte

  5. to me i had with Price Fountain . i just did (o)Advanced and unchecked Install Price Fountain

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