How to Download Destiny Beta for PS3


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  1. Destiny Beta Now Open to Everyone; Drops Code Requirement on Xbox One/360
    and PS4/PS3

    July 24, 2014 Starting today at 4 PM PDT, everyone will be free to play the
    ongoing beta. The only requirement will be an Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation
    Plus subscription

  2. It’s free yet I don’t have the option to download it.. It’s there, but
    doesn’t let me download so what’s up that?

  3. The game is open to the public yet it still doesn’t give me an option to
    download the beta on the Xbox 360 market. Does anyone know how?

  4. Zevex, I’ve made allready 2 acount now but I’aint getting a code.. 🙁
    Please contact me! Or give me your kik or something, so we can talk !
    My kik is: ivanoSalima [Please don’t spam me] But Zevex, please help
    I’ve sub to

  5. +Zevex Zybez I preordered destiny from best buy and there was no code on
    the card or on the receipt that they gave me and they didn’t give me a code
    on Bungie. How do I fix this? Did best buy mess up?

  6. Okay I have a problem, I preordered the game and got the beta. It gives me
    options to “Download automatically” or not to. I says the download won’t
    begin until 9/7 or whatever, what the hell am I not doing?

  7. I bought Destiny directly from PSN and I cant download the beta at all.
    There is nothing for it anywhere. Can anyone help?

  8. I’ve got my codes I’ve tried them and they don’t work and they sey they are
    no longer valid or incorrect help

  9. OMG!!! You are the best. My husband has text me to download this damn beta
    and have been struggling since I am an xbox user. He will be mad i posted
    this on his id as well. HAVE FUN in the beta. 

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