How To Download Kingdom Hearts Unchained X For IOS!


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  1. I tried to update my game and I get an error message saying that my account is locked, does anyone here know how to unlock it?

  2. How can I change my region and still have all the words in my language just like you did? Its pretty difficult to make an new account with everything in japanese đŸ˜«

  3. I wonder if I can migrate my English game data to the Japanese side . The Japanese version is way better way better medal pulls ! I'm gonna go try and do it

  4. Could you pls make a video about how to migrate your unchained x profile from 1 device to another

  5. I found out how to get the none option to appear if it doesn't appear. You have to go through the process until you get to the credit card part. If none, doesn't appear, say that you aren't in Japan. Click USA(I don't know if it has to specifically USA). Once iTunes loads, click the back arrow in the top right of the screen. If do correctly, you should be back at the Unchained X screen. Go through the Create iTunes account process again(after clicking get for Unchained X), and once back at the credit card screen, if you did it correctly, the none option should appear. It worked for me, but I'm unsure if I put everything I did here. If I didn't then sorry. I hope this guide helps you!

  6. When this video was first uploaded I thought to myself,"well it's probably going to be released soon anyway. I could wait." Fast forward 6 months and here I am following the steps. Sad how we have to beg Square Enix just for a silly mobile game…

  7. What I'd like to know is where this game is at? We were promised a new game with each year, meaning that this one is supposed to have a 2015 release. Then they fuck us by telling us that our game is a mobile version of a game that is already out on web broser. Now here we are, December 31st, THE VERY LAST DAY OF 2015, and still no release. This is getting really old, Troll Enix…

  8. So sad… I just started playing the game yesterday untranslated and I got all the way to Mulan…

  9. You just helped me out big time. Really wanted to play final mix but I couldn't find out how to patch it to English, and I really wanted to fool around with some codes but they only worked with Final Mix. Anyways, thanks a lot man. Really really appreciate the help.

  10. Sorry, but the 404 error message keeps showing. Could you upload it elsewhere? Maybe to your google drive or SkyDrive account? Many thanks!

  11. THANKS DUDE I ALWAYS WANTED TO PLAYTHIS GAME! o.O cant I use ps3 controller on my pc?

  12. Pls help. Whenever it says first time configuration and then the BIOS files shows up with nothing.

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