How to download other people’s gamesaves off of modio [xbox 360]


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  1. you need a profile to download gamesaves right well i keep trying to make
    one but it always says this email is already in use or your profile is not
    recognized what do i do??

  2. @THErealUNDEAD1 yes u need the game to play the save :). p.s. i taught this
    guy all he knows bout modding but as usual he gives me no credit haha

  3. I have put someone else’s multiplayer progress for mw2 onto my xbox 360
    hard drive, but it won’t work when I play mw2.

  4. @TheGeorgiaRedneck I don’t recall a time when Robby said he had a purple
    Jtag… I remember YOU said YOU had a jtag but not Robby…

  5. this might sound dumb but do i need the game in order to play the save
    because i dont have the hulk which i want so plz respond

  6. well i hvae an unexpected error when i try to log in so i would like if you
    could help my uac is at lowest and i dont know what else to do

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