1. Installed link 2 with Bittorent. Works perfect! Tried other videos first
    but this was the only legit working no survey or password… just download
    and play. Thanks for the game. It is as scary as you say. Instructions:Just
    download second link>wait for download(give it time)double click and open
    up file>Click on setup>Download the game>Play Outlast. Again thanks for
    game. Just wrote review because it was LEGIT and NOT FAKE. 🙂

  2. i noticed something while downloading it might show an error dont worry
    ,just go to ur downloads and start it again . it will continue not restart
    hope it helped subscribe , i just fixed the problem for me

  3. ok frankly speaking i dint even play the game, +my computer is corrupted
    ,every file and game .but will let u know. will be making a vid on how to
    download and install amnesia the dark descent

  4. okay ,listen carefully !!!!!! , DONT DOWNLOAD THE FIRST PIRATE BAY LINK
    ,BUT THE SECOND ONE !!! i am soososososo sorry !!! i made a huge mistake
    !!! .the whole day i was figuring out how to do it !!! so download the 2nd
    pirate bay link !! there will be a setup just run it and u have the
    freaking game !!! i too have , its damn freaking scary , sorry for the
    inconvenience !! hope u enjoy the game , subscribe man !! 🙂

  5. yes but that is the fullversion , the other one had 3 gb cause it had some
    read me files and so many more please subscribe

  6. Maybe try looking for graphics updates[On your computer]. that helped me
    with some games. or try redownloading the game, then put it on an external
    hard drive? maybe?

  7. Okay! how about the other video he made the free Amnesia a machine for
    pigs, i played it. And it has problems too! In the 2nd level the two gates
    won’t open from the otherside, What now?

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