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  1. Okay guys I came up with a fix for people having problems and getting an
    error code that looks like this 6:00000 if you have anything like mcafee it
    will make your crack folder not work so disable your antivirus protection
    and then download the game. I also delete my mcafee just to see if it will
    work and it did so if you really want to play the game delete your
    antivirus and redownload it after if you really want to play.

  2. Thanks you guys for all the subs, love and support. I’ve been staying up
    all night for pass couple days trying to help all you guys get your game
    started and trying to find fixes for some error codes, if you have any more
    ? keep them coming and I will continue in working hard finding a fix thanks
    again guys.

  3. Okay Guys if you have any ?s feel free to ask them, need help just post a
    comment and I’ll get back with you guys a fast as I can but right now I’m
    heading to sleep, I’ve been on answering ?s all day and try my best to
    reply as fast as I could, you can tell that if you look at other people
    comments but I’m out be back on later hopefully someone can help while I’m
    sleep. Thanks for all the subs and LIKES on the video hope this helped ya.

  4. Thanks so much!!!!! I’ve been trying to download stick of truth for like3
    days already….. but then when i saw ur video i triedit andit worked!!!!
    Thank u so much man!!!

  5. Guys the best way you can get south park or any other game is this
    1. visit *goomia. net*
    2. search south park
    3. download in high speed and enjoy

  6. someone help. when i get the torrent it dose not download (i get an error)
    And when i get an exe file i get an error please help. Thanks

  7. guys just get south park from *goomia. net*
    its simple, direct and legit download and always work

  8. when i am playing, while the stick of truth is being stolen in teh
    beggining of the game, when you fight the elves(one with a bow and another
    with a sword), agter you block the 2 sword attacks, it just stops and I am
    not allowed to strike back, and the enemy just stays next to me and no
    buttons do anyhing

  9. i couldnt copy the winmm.ddl file i think because its because of my
    antivirus but it removed the file from my computer so do i have to redo the
    torrnt again?

  10. doesn’t work for me. I keep getting this message while downloading.
    Error: The system cannot find the path specified. (write to disk)
    help anyone?

  11. I dont have any anti virus software but the error with the 6000000 code
    thing is still showing up! HELP!!

  12. For some reason when I try to play the game it says something is wrong with
    the XINPUT1_3.dll … I seriously dont know what to do please help :/

  13. I have a problem. I have Windows 7 and i do what is on this video, but when
    i double-click on South Park – The Stick Of Truth Nothing happens. I was
    restarting my computer a lot of times and nothing. It was downloading 4
    hours and i don’t wanna wait another 4 hours. Please help i really must
    play this game

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