How to Download the Paladins PTS – Public Test Server! | Paladins


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  1. How to go in to the pts? I have the pts, but when i try to log in it says "Version mismatch"……

  2. when i logged on the pts for the first time it gave me everything but it didn't load my profile. now i launched it and it loads like ptr in overwatch. i am on live lvl 32 and on pts im lvl 29. did i do something wrong? (i have my profile as administrator)

  3. PLS HELP ME!!!! When i log in into launcher and i start game i come into a one more log in and then when i log in says warning: version mismatch

  4. When I download it through steam I go in and I have 0 everything and I don't have all the champions PLEASE HELP ME!

  5. PLS HELP ME! I Have pts and it works and everybody has unlimited gems and coins but i dont.
    wtf i have mi norlam coins i dont know w2hy pls help

  6. so i installed the pts like a long time ago and spent all of my crystals opening chests so i reinstalled it thinking it would give me my crystals back and coins etc.. but it didn't? im so confused and i really want to try out the new maeve skin but i cant because i have no gems! please help me arkrael ;/

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