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  1. For some odd reason the skins are all of a sudden not working. I used to have skins and now it says all the skins are DLC and I can't buy them, but I can do everything else with DLC such as DLC missions weapons, masks and all of that stuff. Just the skins for some reason.

  2. I am having trouble with joining others games. Whenever I join their game it says game not available or some error like that saying I can't join the game. I uninstalled my Payday 2 and installed it again because no mods were working for some reason. The mods work now and I still have all my stuff, I did download the lanfix and made sure to join a Payday 2 Tunngle server with people too. I was able to join a few game when I orginally had it and it worked fine. I couldn't join everyone's game but I was fine with that. Now, I can't join anyone's game! I looked through Tunngle to find an answer and it just said to restart the game. Of course that didn't work

  3. Hello person watching this video this method has been patched on multiple ways and as of right now you can not get Payday 2 for Free
    AS OF NOW! Please do not try this method it used to work but now it will just store up space in your computer.

  4. E brate uradio sam sve,medjutim kad pokrenem preko ovog launchera ucita mi,ali kad pritisnem enter da udjem u lobby izbaci me,u cemu bi mogo biti problem,ako nije sta da mi pomognes dacu ti sub :),sve sam skino

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